Saturday, January 5, 2008

Frozen yogurt. Finally!

When I moved from California to the Pacific Northwest, I knew I'd be making some major sacrifices. I'd have to stop being super mega ultra tan and I'd have to give up my totally fave hobby of beach boardwalk rollerblading.

But, readers, what I didn't prepare myself for was the frozen yogurt freeze.

Not only was there a complete and utter lack of frozen yogurt in Seattle, but nobody seemed to give two shits about it.

Obviously I gave three shits, and was constantly on the look out (Ok, I googled "frozen yogurt Seattle" about 10 times and bitched about it a lot) for the tart and tepid treat. Why should people in Los Angeles and New York City get to horde all the trendy PinkBerry bliss?

Well, it seems the frozen yogurt gods heard my prayers! In late Summer, not one, not two, but about 3,000 Pink Berry knockoffs opened in Seattle. Upon hearing the news, I immediately caught a nasty case of brain freeze.

For those of you who don't track frozen yogurt trends (and may I ask why not?) PinkBerry (here in Seattle we have CrazyBerry, YoBerry and my personal favorite, VaginaBerry) took the frozen yogurt world by storm. It caused hysteria! People waited in hour-long lines for the simple, tart Asian-inspired yogurt that only comes in a few flavors: plain, green tea and (at some of the knockoffs) strawberry. You can top it off with fresh fruit or various breakfast cereals.

Of course, there were no yogurt-mania lines in Seattle. All the calm, whatever-dude, cooler-than-frozen-yogurt Seattleites waltzed right on past the clean, white, mod yogurt shops to get their pho.

But not me. I went inside.

If you crave chocolate or toffee or peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt, this is not your bag. I have always exclusively ordered the only tart berry option from frozen yogurt menus. Which is why Crazy/Pink/EnemaBerry is so exciting! They only offer tart, delicate flavors.

The yogurt is creamy, it's cold, it's delicious; and eating it makes me feel just a little bit super mega ultra tan again.


Chuck Vose said...

Got links or addresses to the yogurt shops? Also, are you already linked to from sites like stumbleupon?

Is there anything to distinguish the shops? Have you been to all three? Which is the best?

Anonymous said...

DoucheBerry is my fave.

Quinny said...

I LOVE FroYo & Golden Spoon is my personal fav. I love Seattle, but hate the lack of frozen yogurt. I'm w/ ya sister, let's get a Golden Spoon up here!!