Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And you are?

I'm the proud new owner of Eat. Eat. Eat. Enjoy! Which means I'm a brand spankin' new Seattle food blogger. Clearly, this is just what the world needs.

I'm Rachel Belle, the co-voice of Stick A Fork In It - a restaurant review heard every Friday and Saturday morning on Newstalk 710 KIRO.

I'm a gal who thinks about food as many times a day as the average man thinks about sex.

I'm a gal who enjoys reading restaurant menus, while sitting on the couch snacking on bits of cheese.

I'm a gal who guiltily eats sour cream by the spoonful, out of the container, while standing in front of the glowing light of the refrigerator. Shut up. No judging. It's frikkin' delicious.

I'm a gal who hopes to entertain you by using my food fanaticism for good, instead of evil.

1 comment:

Laney said...

yeah you! bloggy bloggy bridgey! you make me hungry!